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About Ironbark Toolworks

Ironbark Toolworks

Ironbark Toolworks designs and builds competitive tools for the passionate woodworker with a focus on quality and smart design. The company was founded in 2021 by Devon Campbell to build both low volume production tools as well as highly customized and purpose built hand tools.

Devon Campbell

My interest in woodworking started in middle school when I started building musical instruments.  Like most things, the process of building an instrument is fairly straightforward, but it  is made complicated by the magnitude of operations and potential places to make a mistake.  This is why most luthiers build jigs and purpose made tools for very unique and specific tasks.  For example, most instrument builders have large radiused dishes to sand the top and back of an instrument to a slight curve.  You could achieve this with a chisel and lots of measuring, but that would be a very slow and tedious process prone to error.  A radiused dish makes the process quick and fairly foolproof.  That dish isn’t useful for anything else, so you don’t find them in hardware stores, yet a luthier still needs one.  Difficult tasks like that make tool building important and rewarding.

I continued to build instruments in the following years, but I found that similar to my passion for music, I cared about woodworking for the details and beauty of it more than the process of doing the same thing over and over.  I started to branch out into furniture making, joinery work, and just about anything else where I could spend time focusing on elaborate and intricate details.  I find that the catharsis of woodworking comes from making something wonderful using the skills and techniques you develop within yourself rather than simply processing material until it fits the mould.  I found myself constantly trying new and more complex things, but it always came back to trying to make a beautiful piece that would be appreciated by others with my values.  

After spending so much time behind the wonderful tools that I’ve been fortunate to use over the years, I realized that I am inspired to do better work when I’m using tools that are excellent in their own respect.  I understand that most woodworkers don’t want to spend hours tuning up tools that have been out of circulation for a century, but most modern tools don’t inspire quality and elegance that those older tools had.  Additionally, you’ll have a hard time finding that kind of quality in a tool when the equipment you’re after is specialized and unique like lutherie tools.

I started Ironbark Toolworks to provide the kind of high quality tools that I enjoy using.  The goal of Ironbark Toolworks is to provide a line of tools with my design and use philosophy that are a cut above the majority of tools you can find out of the box today while maintaining a cost that is reasonable to the passionate woodworker.  I also am happy to create specialized tools to fit any other use case you may want.

Ironbark Plane

A set of planes produced by Ironbark Toolworks for evaluation and testing.

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